Renting The Right Equipment To Set Beams For Your Construction Or Renovation Job

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Working with standard construction materials during a renovation or new build is often manageable, but positioning heavy beams can be challenging and require some special equipment. Beam lift rentals are an excellent option for a minor lift, but there are some things you need to consider when going this route.

Beam Lifts

Working with interior structural beams means lifting heavy timbers or engineered materials into place in a limited amount of space and can be a challenging job. Finding a beam lift for rent that you can use to support the weight of the timber can make the job more manageable, and when you don't have the option of setting the beams from above using a crane or other machine, the lift can give you the mechanical advantage you need. 

Beam lifts have a frame and a lifting mechanism like those found on a forklift. The beam is positioned on the lift and raised carefully to the height required. Carefully push the beam lift into place, making sure no one is under the load as you move it. You can then lower the lift to set the beam on the supports. If the timber you are lifting is long and too heavy for one lift, you can use multiple beam lifts to spread the load over them evenly.

Most rental lifts have manual lifting systems on them, so if you use multiple lifts together, you must have an operator on each to ensure you lift the load evenly. 

Renting A Lift

Finding beam lift rentals is not overly challenging. Many equipment and tool rental companies have beam lifts for rent and may be able to supply several if you need multiple beam lifts. Look for beam lift rentals with larger wheels so they roll easily over any material to make it more manageable to move the lift once it is loaded. 

It is critical to consider the height that the beam lift can reach. Not all beam lift rentals are the same, so call around to find one that will lift the beam high enough and has the weight capacity for the job. There are no specific specs for every lift manufactured, but larger rental companies often have more options, so they may be the best place to start looking. 

If you are working in a tight space, you may want to look for a beam lift for rent that can fold into a smaller size. Remember to measure your access point to ensure you have the clearance to get the beam lift inside. If you are working with a standard residential entry door, most beam lifts will fit through. And if you need more clearance, you may be able to take the forks off or fold the unit.

Contact a company that has beam lifts for rent to learn more.