Use Reclaimed Oilfield Pipes And Rods When Building A Fence

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Steel pipe sections that have been retired from the oilfield industry make adequate fencing for livestock or other areas that need to be cordoned off. When choosing to purchase oilfield pipes, consider the quality of the piping material and the overall thickness and lengths of the pipe sections.

Top Rail Pieces

The top rail sections that run along a fence are support materials that may bind interior fencing materials together or form a stiff barrier that will be impossible to break through. Used oilfield pipes are an option for fencing material, due to their rigid design and affordability. Old oilfield pipes are removed from the ground, cleaned, and prepared for resale.

Sucker rods are used in an active oilfield. The rods are used as part of the mechanical assembly that is responsible for extracting oil. These rods are constructed of steel and are also commonly used to create fencing panels. Rods can be used as spacers or stringers, separating or joining together two pipe sections that compose a fence's top rail.

Purchase Considerations

Steel pipes are used in underground oil wells and water wells. The type of liquid that has been dispensed through oil pipes and the age of pipe sections may have a bearing on the condition of the steel pieces. First, it is important to ask a pipe supplier how they acquired the pipe sections. If they work directly with a dealer, they may have insight into the history of the pipe pieces.

This may include whether or not any corrosive cleaning agents were used to flush out pipes. For instance, oil pipes can become clogged on occasion. This may necessitate that a strong chemical agent be used to eliminate a clog. If a lot of corrosive materials have been added to pipes, pitting and other signs of damage could be present on pipe pieces.

A dealer can provide you with measurements for their inventory. If you will be building more than one fencing structure and would like each enclosure to be uniform, request a batch of pipe and sucker rod pieces that are the same length, thickness, and width. Steel is a material that does not require any weatherproofing. If you would like to add a bit of color to the fencing materials that you will be installing, you can use a latex or gloss paint product to coat the outer surface of each oil pipe or sucker rod.

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