A Table And Sink Combo Unit For Science Labs

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Science experiments that will be conducted on campus may require the use of water and an adequate area to combine and store classroom materials. The addition of a stainless steel table with sink will provide lab students with sanitary surfaces to complete coursework. 

Sanitary and Non-Staining Properties

Stainless steel offers sanitary and non-staining properties that some alternate table and sink materials do not provide. An unfinished wood tabletop and a ceramic sink basin can become severely stained. Some counter and sink combination units may feature grout and intricate details that are capable of trapping dust, bacteria, and other contaminants. A stainless steel table and sink setup is commonly used in industrial settings where consumables are being prepared, such as in restaurants and factories.

This type of unit often features a smooth tabletop that surrounds a sunken sink. The universal use of stainless steel throughout the design of a combination unit will form seamless surfaces that won't trap contaminants. If stainless steel becomes hazy in appearance, a soft cloth can be used to restore the shiny property of the metal. Scouring sponges and brushes can scratch stainless steel and shouldn't be used to shine dull surfaces.

Storage and Access Considerations

Some stainless steel tables and sinks may feature a framed shelving unit. This type of unit may be suspended above or below a table and sink. The shelving for this type of unit is often constructed of the same stainless steel grade as the tabletop and sink. A below counter cabinet can be used to conceal the plumbing that is attached to the sink. Shelving and cabinets may feature doors, locks, and other design elements that are featured on standard shelves and cabinets.

Some stainless steel table with sink units are smaller in stature and will not contain as much storage space. If multiple students will be testing out science theories at the same time, a unit that is small in height and that features a double-sided work area and sink setup will be supportive of a group activity.

This type of table and sink combo unit will also be suitable for use during instructor-led class sessions. A student who is called upon can be instructed to stand at the opposite side of a table and sink and perform the same steps as their teacher. Because they will be supplied with an operable sink and a sturdy work surface, experimental materials will not spill onto desks and other classroom furnishings.

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