Industrial Restroom Safety: Do You Need Plunger Guards?

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If you're concerned about keeping your factory's restrooms clean, fresh, and sanitized, you may use various tools to do so, including plungers. However, you must take certain precautions with your plungers. The liquid leaking from your plungers can spread germs and odors throughout your restrooms. You can keep your restrooms clean and safe with plunger guards. Learn more about plungers and why you need guards for them by reading below.

How Do Plungers Make Your Restrooms Unclean?

If your restrooms are relatively small, you may keep your plungers near the toilets for easier access. Although there's nothing wrong with keeping your plungers near your toilets, it may not be the safest place to store them. Employees and guests may accidentally bump into your plungers and jostle their holders. Contaminated water may leak from the holders and seep into your flooring.

In addition to contaminated water, plungers can also become soiled with feces over time. Feces can emit odors once it comes into contact with the air. Not only can odors permeate your public and private restrooms, smells can also spread to other areas of your facility.

You can clean your plungers regularly to keep the issues above from occurring, but it can be time-consuming and stressful to do so. You can end the problems with your plungers by placing guards over them.

How Do Plunger Guards Protect Your Restrooms?

Plunger guards are some of the most useful janitorial sanitary supplies in your factory. Guards do several things in your restrooms:

Plunger guards also make it easier for your janitors to keep your plungers clean and property sanitized during regular maintenance. Most guards come with removable drip trays in their bases. Janitors can remove the trays without disturbing the plungers above them. 

You can choose from a number of guard styles, including freestanding. Freestanding guards allow you to place your plungers anywhere inside your restrooms, including behind the toilets or inside your cleaning closets. Choose the style that works best for your janitors. 

You also want to choose plastic guards. Plastic guards tend to hold up well under stress, including unexpected plumbing emergencies and heavy foot traffic. The material doesn't warp or bend when stepped on or jostled. You can ask a janitorial supply company for advice on what type of material to choose for your guards when you contact them.

Learn more about plunger guards and how they make things easier on you by contacting a supplier today. Go to site to learn more about plunger guard supplies for janitors.