Advice For Buying Condenser Plugs For Effective Tube Sealing

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If you have a leaking tube on a condenser, it's important to seal it up. That's what condenser plugs are for. There are several varieties, and you'll have no issues finding the right match by following this selection protocol. 

Ensure Size Is Perfect

Since there are various condenser tube sizes available today, there are also different plug sizes. So that the plug you end up with fits inside the tube perfectly, you should see exactly how large the tube is.

As long as you're accurate with your measurements, you'll know exactly what plug size will fit in your condenser tube without any issues. Keep in mind that whenever you insert the plug inside the tube, you want it to create a tight seal so that there isn't any sort of leaking going on. 

Go With Easy Installation

As soon as the condenser tube plug shows up, you want to get it into position inside the tube as quickly as possible. This will depend on the particular plug you get. Some are easier to set up than others.

For instance, plugs that can simply be pushed inside condenser tubes using a mallet or hammer are ideal. The only thing required is to line the plug up perfectly and then give it a tap with whatever tool you're using. The plug should go in perfectly and subsequently create the tight seal that you're looking for. It's that simple.

Make Sure Material Is Long-Lasting

You don't want to replace these condenser plugs for tubes any time soon. You won't have to if you go with a long-lasting material from the beginning. Having a durable material for the condenser plug also is important for when you hit it into place. You don't want it damaging structurally. 

Some plug materials are more durable than others. Such is the case for stainless steel. It will hold up no matter what the surrounding area is like. Then you have titanium plugs. They are more expensive, but you can get more years out of them compared to say materials like copper or bronze. 

Any time a condenser tube needs to be properly sealed, plugs are your best option. They can create exactly the seal you're looking for. You can get the most out of this specialty product by going with the right plug from the start, which will require you to review specs like material, sizing, and design.  

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