Choosing The Right Warehouse Pallet Rack System

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In this modern age of one-click purchases and next-day delivery, efficiency is one of the most important things to factor into every facet of your business.

From your business practices to your warehouses, you need to have the best solutions possible to ensure that your business can deliver for every customer. A major part of that is the way you store your products.

A warehouse pallet rack system designed to suit the specific needs of your company will allow you to store and move more products to keep up with demand and timelines, ensuring the success of your business. 

The three most popular forms of warehouse pallet racking systems are selective, drive-in, and push-back. The best solution for your business depends on what you need in a racking system! So here is a run-through of each one and a discussion of the pros and cons. 

The selective warehouse pallet rack system allows you to access any pallet without having to move anything. This means that you can move your product with peak speed, and the simplicity of the design helps to keep costs down, a win-win for your bottom line. Of course, this requires ample amounts of space to store each pallet rack individually, so you will need to consider if the trade-off in storage space will work for you.

The drive-in warehouse pallet rack system allows you to maximize storage space by condensing your products into tightly packed rows. If you deal with high volume and a small number of product types, this could be the most efficient way for you to configure your warehouse pallet rack system. You can customize this solution to ensure you are loading and unloading your products as efficiently as possible. 

The push-back warehouse pallet rack system works best for high volume and large product lists. By storing a number of pallets together on automated rolling carts, you can load and unload products with great speed and access a large number of different pallets quickly. The rolling carts help to automate the process, as gravity allows your pallet racks to move on demand as your products are unloaded. 

Configuring a new warehouse pallet rack system or redesigning an existing one can seem like a daunting task, but it is well worth the time in exchange for a greatly improved return on investment. With the right understanding of your needs, you can have your warehouse operating at peak efficiency and your profits climbing steadily.