The Advantages Of Buying New Steel Pipe Instead Of Used Units For Your Project

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Whether you are buying steel pipe pieces for a project you are tackling around the house or you are a business owner that relies on structural steel materials, you are bound to come across the option of buying used or new steel pipe pieces. Used steel pipe can seem desirable because it is likely lower priced, but buying new can be the better choice. Here is a look at why. 

New steel pipe will be free of contaminants

Even though steel pipe harvested for resale may get cleaned or washed, steel is not a completely non-porous material, especially when it is exposed to certain compounds and chemicals that can break down the surface integrity of the metal. This unfortunately means that some used pipe pieces may have chemical contaminants rooted inside the metal, which can change how the pipe can be used and also make the pipe more likely to start to deteriorate not long after purchase. If you are going for steel pipe pieces that are free of contaminants, it is always best to opt for new over used. 

New steel pipe pieces are less likely to have issues with corrosion or weakness

The steel pipe and other pieces that get harvested for resale can come from a lot of places. You may find used pipe pieces that came from a residential structure or a construction project, for example. It can be difficult to know what the pieces were exposed to before landing at the used steel supplier, which means the pipes can have structural issues that are already starting to develop. For instance, a piece of steel pipe that was used outdoors and partially submerged in water could have areas of corrosion and a piece exposed to extreme heat may have some structural deficits in steel hardness. 

New steel pipes may come with a warranty

One of the more obvious perks of buying a new pipe instead of a used one is the fact that a lot of new steel pieces will come with a warranty from the supplier. Used steel pipe may be obtainable at a cheaper price, but it is rare to find used pieces that are going to offer any kind of warranty against defects because defects are relatively common after a pipe has been in use. If you buy new steel pipe pieces, get to your home or place of business, and discover a defect, you can easily return the pipe for a replacement piece in most cases.

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