Why A Handheld Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Might Be Right For Your Company

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As a business owner, you likely rule your sales floor with an iron fist and do everything you can to ensure that every price on your floor is as accurate as possible. There may be certain times or situations, however, when you need to respond more quickly to a customer inquiry or you want to have additional options available as you go through your inventory and record keeping process. It's for these times that you could stand to benefit from investing in a handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner. Here's what a handheld scanner can do for you and your business.

Perfect for Setting Up or Managing an Impromptu Sales Floor

Does your business sometimes take part in events throughout the community? Do you sometimes take products to a local convention or maybe a business meet-up across the state? If so, you might not have access to your regular inventory software while out on the road. But a handheld Bluetooth scanner can be configured to access your main database anytime and anywhere. You can use one or more of these devices to quickly scan your products as you begin to sell them on the road. You'll use the scanner to set up or confirm a price or pull additional information for your potential customers. A handheld scanner will allow you to keep your options open as you expand your business outside the brick and mortal walls of your main store.

Don't Waste Time Running Products to the Register

"How much does this cost?" Every store employee has probably heard this question from a customer before. If you don't have any handheld scanners for your employees, you might have no choice but to take the item from the customer, run it all the way up to the front of the store, scan the item at a register, and then return it to the customer with an answer. This process wastes valuable seconds or minutes every time it happens and it might also disrupt the checkout experience of whatever customers are currently trying to pay for items up at the front. With a handheld scanner, every employee can quickly get an accurate price for any item, anywhere on the sales floor.

If you run any kind of store or shop and your employees still don't have handheld barcode scanners, it's time to update your company's technology. Arm each employee with their own scanner and they'll be able to educate customers on prices with ease. Contact a barcode scanner vendor today for more information.