More Than Just Paint; Using Industrial Coatings In Your Facility

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When you need to protect the surfaces in your facility or add something like skid resistance to them, often, paint is not going to be the best option. Using an industrial coating offers you multiple benefits, and while it is more expensive than painting, there are several reasons for that. 

Wear Resistance

Durability and wear resistance are essential if you are operating a business and do not want to repaint the equipment inside every couple of years. Choosing an industrial coating for the surfaces in your facility can increase the wear resistance and reduce the maintenance to the surfaces you are concerned about. 

Most industrial coatings have a base that is similar to paint, allowing tinting of the coating, but they use urethane or epoxy so that the coating is hard and durable when it cures. Because of the material makeup, it is critical that applying is done correctly, and in most cases, the best option is to hire a contractor that works with these coatings every day.

Often there is specialized equipment required that is expensive and may not be readily available to the general public, so applying the coating right might not be possible for you anyway. 

Skid or Slip Resistance

Something you may also want to consider is adding in material to allow the coating to work better for you. If you are applying the coating to stairs, catwalks, or mezzanines that may be slippery, adding in grit to increase the traction when walking on the surface can enhance the performance of the coating and increase safety inside your facility. 

Concrete is another surface that can become slippery if water, oil, or other liquids spill onto it. An industrial coatings contractor can help with concrete as well. The contractor can recommend a coating that is best suited to concrete and will have the properties you need to do the job. 

Hiring a Contractor 

When you are ready to apply coatings to your facility, hiring a contractor and crew to do the work is an excellent way to save time and, in turn, save money. The contractor will bring in a crew that is big enough to do the job in the time frame you need. Often bringing a contractor in to do the work reduces downtime in your facility, so in the long run, you save money. 

The cost of the contractor is offset because you spend less time unable to operate than if you tried to use your employees to apply the coatings. You also risk coatings not lasting because of application errors, so hire the contractor, get the work done quickly and correctly, and then your facility can get back to work.