When Rubber Is Child's Play: Fun Things Made From Rubber

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Producing smaller rubber parts for toys and gadgets children can play with and enjoy is big business for notable toy companies. From time to time, these toy companies may even request custom manufactured rubber products for uniquely-designed toys. The following items include rubber parts and are meant to entertain kids of various ages. 

Tires on Toy Trucks and Toy Cars

From tiny scale cars and trucks that fit in the palm of a child's hand to the large sandbox trucks to the remote control vehicles, many of these toys contain rubber tires. (Some contain plastic tires, but that is up the manufacturer.) The rubber tires lend a more realistic feel to these toys, and encourage sensory exploration along with imaginative play. 

Model Animals

A lot of model animals, like dinosaurs and buckets of farm animals, are made from rubber. The rubber is a little stiffer so that these play animals can stand up on the floor or table. Some are sold separately, while others are sold by the bucket. Snakes, trick insects, spiders, rubber gag chickens, and rubber rodents are all made of rubber too. 

Whoopee Cushions and Pranks

Whoopee cushions, when inflated and placed under someone about to sit down, release air and make it sound as though someone is passing gas. Other gag toys and prank items made of rubber do funny things too. Kids enjoy the reaction they get from adults when they play with these prank items made from rubber. 

Balls and More Balls

Rubber has been the go-to material for balls for decades. Its recoil and rebound properties when the ball hits a hard surface has made it a fun product for generations. The basic rubber ball has been revamped for newer generations, but it is no less a childhood favorite than before. A related product, the small bouncy ball on a rubber band string attached to a paddle, is fifty percent rubber too. 

Waterproof Baby Dolls

Some baby dolls are made of rubber. They are made of rubber when the toy companies want a doll that closely resembles and feels like a real baby, and is waterproof. Little girls like to take their dolls into pools and tubs, so it helps to make a doll that will not be affected by getting soaked with water. Dolls made specifically for bathing and swimming or getting wet are almost always made of rubber to an extent.